Yum Yoga & Massage

Private Sessions & Classes

Addressing "YOUR" Needs!

I am delighted to offer personal care that begins with where you are! ...and supports you on your journey, whether that be one of consciousness, healing, cleansing, strengthening, balancing- or all of it!



3 Months of weekly private yoga, & yoga class PLUS 2 massages a month!- $435/month or $108/week

The most powerful way I can support you is when I am working with you using all my tools!


I get enormous & valuable  information, when I am both working with your body in passive relaxation AND seeing you activate the new releases and re-calibrations, through Yoga Sessions.  I offer my support and focus in a consistent/weekly way over a period of 3 months, to guide you in a transformative step on your journey.


Thai Massage/ Swedish Massage/ Shiatsu


I offer a Traditional Thai Massage, which is a great support for injury recovery, realigning postural issues, increasing range of motion & flexibility, relieving stress, re-balancing the energy system and retraining habit patterns. A favorite for Yoga students!

I also do a Traditional Swedish Massage, flowing soothing strokes to calm and relieve muscle tension.

I can combine this with Reiki Energy Re-balancing, Shiatsu (meridian releases and re-balancing) and/or Thai stretches.


Massage Sessions: $80/hr, $110/hour and a half

House or Hotel Calls $ 20 additional

Private Yoga Sessions: $70/hr


3 hours Massage for $200,

3 hours Private Yoga for $180

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